When you have 4C hair texture like mine, you are constantly looking for ways to reduce dryness, breakage and maintain moisture (MY LIFE AF). So one sunny day I was searching for  the most affordable way to co wash my strands (Yeah yeah I’m cheap af haha) I came across an interesting co washing method that involved Coconut oil and I gave it try and the results were so AMAZING I had to share it with you guys.


A co-wash is a way to cleanse and nourish your hair with conditioner. Some people find co-washing to be so effective on their curls they’ve completely stopped using traditional shampoo.  So an effective co-wash should leave your scalp feeling clean, hydrated, and moisturized . With a co-wash, the goal is to simultaneously wash and condition your tresses. That means you don’t want to just smother your scalp in butters and oils and call it a day. You also want to gently remove any product build-up, so picking the right ingredients is crucial.


Coconut oil

Conditioner free from “Sulfates, Detergents, Lather, Phthalates, Petrolatum, Mineral Oil or Harsh Chemicals.”


Dampen  and split your hair into four sections and apply the coconut oil to your scalp,  roots and ends of your hair. After applying the coconut oil apply the conditioner on your strands and use a wide tooth comb or your fingers to detangle your hair. The amazing part about Coconut oil is that it softens your hair giving it more “SLIP” which makes it easier for you to detangle without breaking or damaging your hair. Massage the mixture thoroughly into hair apply a plastic cap and leave it on for about 10- 15mins (or as long as you want) for maximum conditioning and cleansing. IMG_0415.JPGRinse thoroughly, while continuing to massage hair and scalp.

This co wash method has helped eliminate dirt from my strands whilst at the same time retaining moisture. Its the best thing that’s happened to my 4C hair strands Honestly!

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