Welcome to my site!

I’ve been thinking about starting my own natural hair blog for a long time but somehow I just never had the time to actually implement this amazing idea!! So I decided to add it to my new year resolutions for 2018 lol! I know  I know, resolutions are so last year haha BUT I made a decision to fulfill all my resolutions and this was one of them. So where do I even begin! hmm there is so much I would love to tell you guys about my natural hair journey but I think I’ll just focus on why I did the big chop, for those who don’t know the big chop is the act of cutting off all of your relaxed hair, leaving only your beautiful new growth, which is natural hair . Hmm honestly speaking I had no choice, your girl was running out of edges lol due to excessive use of relaxers , straighteners and blow dryers.  Initially when I did the big chop I wasn’t planning on staying natural I was going to wait a few months and  relax my hair. But I actually started reading so much more about my hair, my texture, how to take care of it and etc then Boom! Solange got married and I mean she must’ve broken the internet that day because her AFRO was Everything!! So effortlessly beautiful. I took one look at her pictures and vowed to never put chemicals in my hair, I wanted to embrace every strand, every kink and every coil of my 4C HAIR! AND IT HAS BEEN AN AMAZING JOURNEY SO FAR! Image-1